The Making of the Mariner's Jacket

Here’s the story behind our Jacket –


Like everything we design, we focus on functionality and details– this jacket works, and it works very well.  It’s weatherproof, edgy with just a touch of attitude, it’s got a broad stand-up collar, a full front storm flap, all the right pockets, heavy duty hardware and the best materials we could find.  Put all this in the hands of some of the best crafts-people in America and you’ve got something worth owning -- something you won’t lend out, but something you will pass down.


We built this jacket to celebrate the fact that we have been serving Mariners for 75 years -- we wanted to do something lasting that would make our founder proud.  We have been in the same old creaky building in historic Marblehead -- with the same old white-oak check out desk since 1938.  If you haven’t been to the good old shop that some affectionately call ‘The Wood Box’ -- they say it’s worth a trip.


Our style is traditional but with a fresh edge.  The offset front zipper is our way to harken back to a day when Mariners only wore double-breasted jackets, but when you button up the storm flap, she buttons right up the center.  If you’re heading into the city and looking for an edge…leave the flap open and sport the sophistication of the corduroy trim!  Its got style and lots of it, and its got some shape too.


It’s a jacket that’s been designed for action…I have personally cranked on a winch handle in it and you can’t beat the freedom afforded by the action back shoulders and the double bottom vent.  When it gets cool, you will find two brass vent snaps positioned at the ready so you can block the breeze with ease.


We prefer our boats wooden and our materials traditional-- and that’s what we used here.  We think you will be pleased with how the DryWax finish on our tightly woven cotton shell fabric protects you from the elements.  It can take all the weather you can throw at it, but unlike some weather fabrics it doesn’t have an oily finish; its odor-less and dry to the hand.  We use a heavy cotton drill cloth for our lining and we install it like the best bespoke Italian suits – so it floats apart from the shell and doesn’t bugger you up.  Sleeve linings – slippery, for easy on and off, red for fun.!  Our buttons – substantial and Italian.  Our pocket bags – raw canvas – clean, simple and solid.  Our hardware – big, real big and solid brass.


Speaking of pockets, we put some thought into all five of them.  The outside front pockets are located so that can you stow you hands when you were wishing you brought gloves –honkin’ bar tacks on all corners withstand the effects of any swagger.  On the chest you’ll find a handy stash pocket that’s engineered for your mobile device.  Yes we tried to make perfectly functional.  It’s narrow enough to keep your device standing at attention, and shallow enough that a quick two finger grab puts it right in your hands so you can respond to that one ‘certain’ ring tone.  If you have a habit of loosing important stuff you’ll appreciate the inside security pocket with a full brass zipper.  Also inside, a large open document pocket that’s a great catchall. 


For 75 years this old shop has been catchall for all sort of nautical treasure. One of our favorites is a hand drawn sketch by Fred from the early days.  It depicts his private signal and typed instructions on how to rig your own.  The instructions close with a classic Fred quote… “May your colors fly freely and proudly for a long time”  Fred L. Woods Jr. 


You’ll find his sketch and quote on the catchall patch pocket of every jacket.


It’s Classic, its American, and its built with heritage and utility to last – we hope you try one on!